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Darwin is continuing the tradition of keeping rap exciting by creating music that is refreshingly new, original and packed with a message. His style of fusion involves blending his admiration of Old School Hip-Hop and R&B with Indian elements, while using his music videos to portray a story that is incomplete when the song is heard on its own. The Indian elements that Darwin’s music is influenced from, ranges from different sounds of Indian musical art forms to various Indian languages and topics based about India. It is fundamental to him that his music be relatable to the audience while bringing in new sounds. He is known to switch up his delivery and rhyme schemes to good effect, adapting to the theme he writes about – inadvertently staying true to the philosophy the name Darwin brings, which is ‘adapt to overcome’.

Darwin is originally from Kerala, born and raised in Dubai, and later moved to London, where he was working as an Aerospace Engineer after attaining his MSc in Aircraft Engineering at Kingston University. He is also a certified football coach and was the Manager of youth teams at Kew Association Football Club, and later at Kingstonian Football Club. It was here in London where he first met music producer Elz ‘Mixed Sense’ Bowe. Now based in Netherlands, Elz is a multi-instrumentalist, capable of playing the guitar, piano, turntable, sampler, congas, and is also an accomplished beat-boxer. The two good friends teamed up in 2017 to create music with a unique identity.

Darwin believes in using music not only for listening pleasure, but also as a tool for social change. He aims to contribute to the growing culture of Indian Hip-Hop with his own creative input. He says ‘Rapping is still often perceived as vulgar, offensive or derogatory in India - so much so, that it is not commonly recognised as a valid form of art. It is this mind-set that I’m driven to help change with my music’. Starting with ‘Just Like Me’ - a series of internet music videos that are based on Darwin’s personal experiences, he takes the audience on a musical journey with his story-telling abilities. Along with Elz Bowe, his future projects will see him showcase his versatility, while also composing more personal tales with his brand of fusion.

Darwin revels in his identity to connect with people on a personal level through his music and constantly collaborates with other talented independent artists. He is all ears for any new/creative ideas which he can support to make whole.

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Video Releases

Darwin - Lage Na Jiya (ft. Ali K)

Darwin - The Indian Struggle (ft. Vassundhara Pandita)

Darwin - Aa Mere Paas (ft. Shirin Riyazuddin)

Audio Releases

Darwin - Lage Na Jiya (ft. Ali K)
Released on February 2018
Darwin - The Indian Struggle (ft. Vassundhara Pandita)
Released on November 2017
Darwin - Aa Mere Paas (ft. Shirin Riyazuddin)
Released on June 2017


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